Speakeasy Co.





Our chandler careers started on a rusty Sunday…
We woke up and decided we wanted to learn how to cut beer bottles with string, ice and fire. After many failed attempts, smashed glass and minor burns we finally got some to work. We started cutting more and more bottles and decided to start pouring soy wax into them to create a fun little candles. Demand grew quickly and we couldn’t keep up the drinking. We even started having house parties where guests could only BYO beer bottles that had a paper label. 
So instead, we ventured to small bars around the area and collected their empty beer bottles to bring back to our tiny studio apartment. Before we knew it, this was happening very often and our studio was becoming a work shop rather than a home. We kind of felt like we were doing something illegal, like running a small Speakeasy operation - hence the name. 
A few months into it we realised our true passion for making candles and we thought it could be cool to take it a little more seriously. We got to work on developing our unique little brand and quit our day jobs to pursue this full time.
We don’t cut glass anymore, instead we use 175ml amber glass vessels that give a 40 hour burn time and 500ml candles that give a 110hr burn time. We are now absolutely obsessed with making our candles and if we are not making them and shipping to our customers Australia wide, we are burning them in our Speakeasy studio in Surry Hills, Sydney.
We hand brew every candle individually by combining 100% soy wax with deliciously scented fragrance oils that have a strong unisex appeal. We pour each candle in small batches of ten to ensure the consistency and quality is up to our critical Speakeasy standards.

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